Detailed Process of Starting an Online Business in Dubai

Online business is booming all across the world, and the COVID pandemic has caused a significant spike in it. By taking advantage of the prevalent low level of bureaucracy in Dubai, you can make a successful online business in the city. Additionally, by working with reputable and experienced business setup consultants in Dubai such as Infolinks Business Consultants you can get a business operating license quickly with the right direction and assistance. In this blog, Infolinks Business Consultants explains in detail the complete procedure of setting up an online business in Dubai. So read till the end without missing any part.

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Determine Where You Want To Establish Your Online Business In A Free Zone Or On The Mainland?

Before you begin your business setup in Dubai you must first determine what your activities will be. Whether your online business will be in FMCG, retail, pharmacy, or any other sector such as insurance or services. Your business activities will help you decide whether to opt for a free zone license or a mainland license. If you will be working solely in the UAE market then Dubai Mainland will be best suited for you mainland you can also be free to accept government contracts and work with the government.

Regarding the second option Dubai Free Zone, you can take advantage of the UAE’s zero percent tax rate and avoid paying taxes. Additionally, there are no specific currency limits in the free zone and you are permitted to repatriate all of your capital and profit. You can get detailed information on this by hiring one of the best business setup consultants in Dubai.

The Name of Your Company or The Title of your business

This step might appear to be a little obvious to some people. However, it is one of the most important steps to take in Dubai and the UAE. When you ask your hired business setup consultants in Dubai

They will suggest you start thinking of your business name first things.

You cannot just any name that you want in UAE. You have to respect the conservative customs and sentiments of the local people in UAE and the native people and Islam. Therefore, it is advised to avoid using any divisive or insulting names that can be taken as an insult or a violation of Islamic custom or law. On the other hand, it is essential to utilize your name completely if you choose to register it adjacent to the name of your business. So in short you cannot register the complete name and use an abbreviation later on if you want to use an abbreviation then you have to register it.

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Formalities when applying for a business license

Again, you have two options if opening a business in a free zone is what you want to do, you can apply through the designated region; but, if opening a business on the mainland is what you want to do, you can contact either the municipality or the Department of Economic Development in the selected Emirate. In either case, you must have a complete application form with all the necessary paperwork, as well as copies of your passport. Managing all of this single-handedly can get taxing and you may end up being burdened that is why it is highly recommended that you start working with one of the best business setup companies in Dubai. Hiring professionals will give you enough time to focus on building a network and marketing relations to market your business and scale its profits rather than risk getting delayed or the wrong application and restarting the entire application process from the start.

Location and Office Space

Another preliminary procedure to set up any type of business including online business in Dubai is choosing a location or an office space. For a Mainland company, you will need a physical office or workspace as per the DED’s requirements. For Free Zone companies, the rules on office space may be more flexible. Choose a location that suits your business needs and budget. Many reputable business setup consultants in Dubai such as Infolinks also help with Ejari and other formalities associated with hunting for ideal locations and more. So if you hire a business consultant you are not just easing your license and application process but you are making your entire business setup in UAE.

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Visa and Immigration Procedures

To reside and work in Dubai, you’ll need a visa. Visa and immigration procedures can be started once you are done with your business license application. Along with your business setup in Dubai, you can simultaneously start with the visa and application procedure. The number of visas you can apply for may depend on your business type and office space. Consult with your business consultant in Dubai for further information and details.

Develop an online presence

Your online business will need a professional website and a strong online presence. Hire a web developer or use website builders like WordPress, Wix, or Shopify to create your site. Focus on mobile responsiveness, user experience, and SEO optimization to increase your visibility. You can also start working on social media and start promoting your product or services or your entire online business. Once you have begun the license applications and have a green signal from your business setup consultant you can go ahead and start with marketing activities. However, it is advised that you add an asterisk and say that license and permit in the application process.