The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Training Institute in Dubai

Every year, millions of new expats make Dubai their home. With new expats come new businesses, new opportunities, and millions of young kids of all education levels in the country. From aerospace engineering and business management to kindergarten and school-going kids, a recent survey conducted in the UAE by some of the leading business setup consultants in Dubai has revealed that the demand for educational and soft skill training institutes has rapidly risen in the country.

If you are someone who has been dreaming of opening a training institute in the UAE, then this is the perfect time to get started and go ahead with your business setup in Dubai. In this blog, Infolinks Business Consultants, which is one of the leading business setup consultants in Dubai, will take you through a detailed guide to starting your training institute in the country. So we highly recommend you read this entire article till the end and share it with all your aspiring buddies.

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Step 1

Approval from KHDA

Most businesses require permissions and licenses in the UAE. Similarly, in the business of opening a training institute, you will have to obtain prior approval from relevant authorities. Infolinks Business Consultants recommend you obtain authorization from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). It is preferable to get approval from KHDA first if you intend to establish your educational institution in Dubai.

Step 2

Location Selection

Before any business setup in the UAE, it is preferable to have a place decided. The same goes for training institutes as well. Most brick-and-mortar businesses rely on specific locations for higher turnover rates and increased profitability. Talking about a training institute, we suggest you choose a location where residential areas are nearby or can be reached easily, as parents would want their kids near them. If you offer higher education, you should probably locate your headquarters in the Dubai International Academic City, which is considered a central educational hub in Dubai.

Step 3

Choosing the Right Registration Category

There is a high chance you may consider that training institutes may not have any categories or sub-categories in the UAE. However, experienced business setup consultants in Dubai, such as Infolinks Business Consultants, recommend defining your category from the early stages. Because the KHDA offers a wide range of educational categories in which institutes can register themselves, The categories are wide and include almost everything from managerial training to private tutoring, early childhood care, and on-the-job expertise. Additionally, the application procedure varies according to the type of activity you intend to submit. The sooner and earlier you choose your category, the simpler and easier your business setup in Dubai becomes.

Step 4

Obtain Licenses

No business setup in Dubai is complete without obtaining relevant licenses. With the help of your hired business setup consultant, you may obtain a license from the Department of Economic Development (DED) or the relevant free zone authority, depending on your business model. Once you get a license, it’s easier for you to go ahead and complete the rest of the steps.

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Step 5

Choose Business Structure

Another important step in setting up a business in Dubai is choosing the business structure. Whether it’s a sole proprietorship, partnership, or limited liability company, you have to decide beforehand. If you aren’t sure about business structures and what will work best for your company, then we recommend you hire business setup consultants in Dubai so that your process of starting your training institute becomes smooth and simple without any hassles.

Step 6

Registration with KHDA

Once you complete the above-described steps, you may proceed with KHDA registration during this period. The registration process with KHDA includes:

  • The introduction to your company
  • Estimates
  • Data from shareholders
  • Your entire team’s experience
  • List of services you will be offering for coaching
  • Services that are not education-related
  • Accreditation
  • Assets and competencies
  • Detailed Marketing and Promotion Procedure
  • The procedure you will be adapting for recruiting students
  • Initiatives and required undertakings
  • An inventory of instructional programs
  • List of the courses you will be offering

Step 7

Curriculum Development

Create a curriculum that satisfies the requirements of your intended audience while adhering to industry standards. Provide a wide variety of programs and courses to suit different interests and ability levels. Work together with professionals in the field to make sure your training materials are up-to-date.

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Step 8

Invest in Technology and Infrastructure

Invest in a strong infrastructure and cutting-edge technology to improve the educational experience. Delivering top-notch training programs requires interactive tools, multimedia facilities, and high-speed internet. Besides, Dubai is a city known for its technological advancements and top-notch infrastructure. If you enter the Dubai educational market without relevant technologies, then there are chances you won’t get a grip quickly. With other efforts, you will succeed, but not instantly or easily. That is why every big B and who’s who of the industry recommends that if you are entering the Dubai business, then enter with sound technology in hand. The technology need not be anything innovative or disruptive (bonus points if it’s innovative and nothing new the world has seen before); your technology can be as simple as offering online classes or sending results to parents via online tools.

Step 9

Completion of the Application process

Once you are done with the above steps, it’s time to complete your application process. However, it isn’t difficult to complete business registration on your own, but hiring a business setup consultant in Dubai makes things simpler and easier for you.

Concluding Lines

Careful planning, strict adherence to rules, and a dedication to providing high-quality education are necessary when opening a training institute in Dubai. You may create a successful training facility that serves the community’s requirements and advances the emirate’s reputation for academic achievement by following these guidelines and keeping an eye on Dubai’s changing educational scene.

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