Top 5 Booming Industries for Business Set-Up in Dubai

The government of the UAE has continuously expanded its economy to attract people from around the globe. The innovative leadership of the Emirati government has contributed to the transformation of the idea of business incorporation. To create favorable conditions to support business, the local government has formed several special zones and regions, such as free zones. This helps businesses and industries focus on improving their work and drives profitability. That is why, whether you are in real estate, retail, manufacturing, or the service industry, you will find ideal conditions to work and grow your career in Dubai.

If you are attracted to working in the country as well and want to settle here but aren’t sure which industry to choose, then this blog by Infolinks Business Consultants will give you the perfect solution. We are sharing a list of the top 5 booming industries that are already performing well in the country, and it is expected that in the coming days, they will perform even better. So read till the end without missing any parts.

1. Construction and Infrastructure

Over the past couple of decades, the government of the UAE has spent a lot of money upgrading its infrastructure. The main aim behind this is to create world-class infrastructure and facilities for entrepreneurs entering the country for business. Even though you may feel that the infrastructure in the country is developed, the government is still working on many new projects to further enhance the quality of public amenities and the aesthetics of the region. That is why top business setup consultants in Dubai, such as Infolinks, suggest that Dubai is the place to be if you have experience working in the construction sector and wish to launch your business in this sector.

You will find plenty of opportunities and wealth creation chances for your construction venture. Dubai Expo 2020 saw a massive surge in developmental progress, and by the time the next Dubai Expo arrives, there will likely be construction projects worth more than USD 42.5 billion. If you have decided to start your construction business in Dubai, learn everything related to business set-up and formation services in our updates section. You can hire reputed business consultants to make your business setup in the UAE smooth and hassle-free.

2. E-commerce Business

Even though Abu Dhabi has a far larger population than Dubai does, Dubai has been one of the Middle East’s top contributors to online shopping. You may run a profitable e-commerce business in the UAE with little capital investment and a thorough understanding of the industry. Since e-commerce businesses require little investment, many youngsters from across the globe are attracted to business setups in Dubai, and with a growing population, business opportunities arise even more. Most of the new entrants in the e-commerce sector prefer hiring business setup consultants in Dubai to make their entry stress-free and easy.

3. Travel and tourism

The visionary leadership has done an excellent job of developing the country in the right way. This is evident in the development of the nation in every sector. You will see many business opportunities in retail, manufacturing, and industrial growth. But massive industrial growth doesn’t mean that tourism is left behind. For the last two decades, we have seen the construction of a new tourist attraction every year in the country. Additionally, the expat population is rich and has a disposable income, which they use each year to travel to new destinations, giving rise to many business opportunities in the travel and tourism sectors.

However, as per changing businesses, you have to get appropriate licenses from the officials. But the process is fairly easy to acquire a business license, and by hiring an experienced business setup consultant in Dubai, you can launch your travel and tourism business in Dubai without any problem or worry. If you are wondering what license is best suited for your business, then read our guide to choosing the right business setup for your business in Dubai.

4. Real Estate

According to media reports and research conducted by various business setup companies in Dubai, the UAE’s real estate market is expected to expand by up to 111% during the coming five years. Additionally, there are more opportunities in this industry due to the rising interest in foreign investment and tourism.

Many factors make Dubai and the entire UAE region excellent hubs for real estate investment. If you are passionate about real estate, whether you want to open a consultancy, your brokerage firm, or simply want to become a real estate broker, Infolinks Business Consultants highly recommends having your business set up in Dubai. If you have more doubts about your business setup in Dubai, you can read our guide on “How to Start Your Dream Business in the Emirates

5. Hospitality and health

Since the pandemic, the significance of the healthcare and hospitality industries has received more emphasis. UAE offers a variety of chances in this industry, and its infrastructure has been established to make it easier for anyone who wants to start a business in this industry. Obtaining the permits and licenses necessary to launch a healthcare or pharmacy-related business in the United Arab Emirates has become much easier in the last couple of years. By hiring top business setup consultants in Dubai, such as Infolinks, you can make the process much smoother and simpler.

The government is so keen on boosting the local healthcare sector that several facilities are given to businesses entering this sector. Doctors and other educated medical professionals are automatically eligible to get a Dubai Golden Visa because of their profession. So if healthcare sector-related business is on your mind, Dubai is the place to be.

Here is a list of the top 5 businesses in Dubai that are expected to grow massively in the upcoming years. So whether you want to set up your business in Dubai or want to open a consultancy, this article will help you choose the right industry to enter.